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Singapore Woman Award, Mediacorp/ Today Newspaper

March 8, 2014

The Singapore Woman Award is a celebration of the ordinary woman who has made extraordinary achievements. It recognizes women who have relentlessly helped others and benefited society and the public. It aims to encourage them to keep the passion going and inspire others to do the same. This award is organised by Mediacorp annually.


Yunquan is the top 3 finalists of this award in 2014.


A Tribute to Mothers: Our Everyday Heroes - XINMSN

April 14, 2014

Qin Yunquan, at the young age of 24, has accomplishments that many of her peers cannot boast of.  Not only had she successfully overcome anorexia, she is now an honoree of the Singapore Women Award 2014 and an instructor at Kapap Academy Singapore, where she equips those in need - mostly young women - with self defence skills that will help them overcome violent situations.


Kapap is a type of street-smart martial arts that utilises the principles of physics, not strength, to get out of tricky situations.


More Women Learning to Pack a Punch - Asiaone

May 19, 2014

SINGAPORE - She stands at 1.65m and weighs only 46kg, but she was not afraid to stand up to the burly man.  Last month, Wong Xinyuan, a 20 year old student on a gap year, put her self defense skills to good use when she stopped a man from threatening a couple on the MRT. 


Pearlynn Sim, 20, a student of Kapap Academy, took self defence classes before she journeyed to Taiwan in June last year with a female friend.

Are Women Safer When They Learn Self Defense?

June, 2014

A University of Oregon sociologist finds that women who took a 10 week self defense training were significantly less likely to experience unwanted sexual contact than those that didn't.  It must be noted that this was a feminist-oriented self defense course, specifically designed for women, with a focus on the strengths of women's bodies (lower-body versus upper-body strength) and techniques to counter the holds and moves often made when a woman is attacked.



Mixed Martial Arts 101: The Ground Game

Feb 10, 2014

The ground game in MMA is highly technical that takes years and years to perfect. It is human chess based on physics with the objective of applying a fight-ending joint lock or choke. Think about a python and how it works to suffocate its prey. It is a highly technical process with efficiency, body mechanics, and weight distribution.


Qin Yunquan – National Wrestler & Martial Art Instructor - Women & Sports

December 2, 2013


My road as a martial artist started when I was in Junior College or around 17 years old when I trained in Wushu. However, wushu is really more of performance martial arts unlike what I am doing now. Today I am trained in both Combative Sports (e.g. Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), and realistic self-defence skills (e.g. Kapap, Catch Wrestling). Yes, it was not easy for me when I decided to make the transition as there are clear differences between performing martial arts and combative sports as well as realistic self-defence skills.

Staying Safe while Studying and Living Abroad

December 2, 2013

Vivien was enjoying herself living and studying abroad. She and two other Singaporean girls rented a second floor apartment in a town that was close to a shipyard. One night, as her friends were standing by their apartment’s window, they saw four sailors scrambling up to their apartment with the help of drainpipes. Shocked and sensing trouble, Vivien and one of her girl friends ran into a bedroom and locked themselves in. Unfortunately, the third girl was indecisive as to where she wanted to run to and ended up being caught by the four sailors in the living room.

Study concludes Master Resilience Training effective

January 24, 2012

FORT MEADE, Md. (Army News Service, Jan. 24, 2012) -- The Master Resilience Training aspect of Comprehensive Soldier Fitness is working well. That's the conclusion of an Army report, released last month, covering a 15-month period of statistical evaluation.


Comprehensive Soldier Fitness, or CSF, was launched in 2009 to teach Soldiers how to be psychologically strong in the face of adversity, such as combat. The program, also available to family members and DA civilians, was designed at the University of Pennsylvania by behavioral specialists using proven research-based methodologies.

Army program works to make soldiers fit in body and mind

July 5, 2011

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — The soldiers crowd around a large conference table, their maroon berets scattered on top. A digital clock on the wall shows the time in Afghanistan and Iraq. The unit’s flag, hung with battle streamers, rests at one end of the room.


Outside, not far away, stands the 16-foot bronze statue of World War II paratrooper “Iron Mike,” grim-faced with submachine gun in hand — the epitome of the rugged American soldier.

Mental Stress Training Is Planned for U.S. Soldiers

August 17, 2009

PHILADELPHIA — The Army plans to require that all 1.1 million of its soldiers take intensive training in emotional resiliency, military officials say.


The training, the first of its kind in the military, is meant to improve performance in combat and head off the mental health problems, including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide, that plague about one-fifth of troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Building Resilience

April 2011

Douglas and Walter, two University of Pennsylvania MBA graduates, were laid off by their Wall Street companies 18 months ago. Both went into a tailspin: They were sad, listless, indecisive, and anxious about the future. For Douglas, the mood was transient. After two weeks he told himself, “It’s not you; it’s the economy going through a bad patch. I’m good at what I do, and there will be a market for my skills.” He updated his résumé and sent it to a dozen New York firms, all of which rejected him. 

5 Places To Learn Real Martial Arts In Singapore

Feb 28, 2014

Kapap Singapore


Kapap is an effective Israeli self-defence system. Kapap Singapore is headed by one of Singapore's self-defence pioneers, Teo Yew Chye. Avi Nardia is one of the leading proponents of Kapap, serving in the Israeli Defense Forces as a Major. Kapap is known for its simplicity in real-life situations. Kapap Singapore also teaches classes in outdoor settings to complement their indoor sessions. You can learn Catch Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Kapap under the guidance of qualified, local instructors. Live drills and sparring are part of the course material.


Violence is Golden

March 15, 2011

A lot of people like to think they are “non-violent.” Generally, people claim to “abhor” the use of violence, and violence is viewed negatively by most folks. Many fail to differentiate between just and unjust violence. Some especially vain, self-righteous types like to think they have risen above the nasty, violent cultures of their ancestors. They say that “violence isn’t the answer.” They say that “violence doesn’t solve anything.”


They’re wrong. Every one of them relies on violence, every single day.


11 Reasons Why Martial Arts are Better for your Kids than Team Sports

March 15, 2011

I grew up in Brazil playing soccer every single day. We played soccer at school, when we came home, at

the beach and on the weekends we played some more. I love soccer and follow it diligently to this day so

this article is not a soccer bashing but rather a highlight of Martial Arts benefits over School sports.


I didn’t start practicing Jiu Jitsu until I was 15 years old which by world class standards in any sport is way

too late.


I did however, have the unique opportunity to study in a world class Academy (Gracie Barra) under a world

renouwned Instructor (Carlos Gracie Jr).



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