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​Our Story 

The Science of Human Behaviour




Psychology is the science of mental life” 
― William James, Philosopher and Psychologist, Father of American Psychology (1842-1910)
Dedicated to the Improvement of Human Potential and Performance.

The Centre for Cognitive Technologies (CCT) is a regional training and research centre that is dedicated to the improvement of human potential and performance. CCT is the culmination of initial collaborative efforts by scientific researchers, psychologists, medical doctors and experienced field practitioners or business consultants. All the programmes provided by CCT are evidence based, and developed and as such, they are sound in scientific principles and techniques.

Attesting to the credibility and quality of our training programmes, CCT is a Start-up Enterprise Development Scheme (SEEDs), awarded by the Economic Deveopment Board of Singapore, and later managed by SPRING. The Start-up is a $50 million co-financing scheme initiated by the government. The scheme matches dollar for dollar equity stakes in promising start-ups backed by third-party sector investor. It also received the Singapore government funding under the Franchise21 Scheme, to develop a franchise/ licensing model. 

In 2004, CCT and its key management won three awards, Emerging Enterprise of the Year (2004), Emerging Entrepreneur if the Year (2004), and a Merit Award for Emerging Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2004) - awarded by the CommerceNet Singapore – the secretariat for CommerceNet Asia, which in turn is part of a leading non-profit global consortium established to advance eBusiness worldwide. With a membership of over 660 coporate entities, the consortium is commited to promote cross border commerce and the intergration of technology in a knowledge based economy.

Within Singapore, our programmes enjoy government subsidies for training participation under the Workplace Health Scheme and the Edusave Scheme (Ministry of Education). Some of these programmes have also been given in-principle financial support under the cluster Funds by selected Superintendents of School Clusters. In addition, a number of our coporate training programmes have also recieved approval for grants from LETAS Scheme administered by SPRING Singapore.

Prior to our management consolidation and streamlining, the organisation had 12 independent Learning Styles Centres in Singapore, 2 subsidiary Master Centres (Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne), 1 independent Master Licensee (Sydney) and 1 Local Licensee (Kuala Lumpur) in the region. In addition, there are 7 BabyBright Centres within Singapore, and a Master Licensee for Malaysia. Another subsidiary, Building Excellence Sdn Bhd, has been set up to help distribute our corporate performance programmes in Kuala Lumpur / Selangor. This brought the number of franchised or licensed operations to 24 Learning Styles, BabyBright and Building Excellence Centres in the region.

However, in 2006, a decision by our management to consolidate our training centres and revert to a owner operated business model.  Over a period of several years, the individual licences were gradually withdrawn or not renewed.  Today, CCT is a much more streamlined and efficient operation with training centres in both Singapore and Malaysia.  Its mission continued unchanged - focusing on the use of psychological/ scientific principles and techniques to improve human potential and performance.  To this end, CCT's boasts of some of the 'best in class' training programmes that are available in the market today.



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