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The Centre for Cognitive Technologies (CCT) is a regional training and research centre that is dedicated to the improvement of human potential and performance. 




  • Mental Resilience

  • Nonverbal Communication in Negotiation

  • Detecting Deception in Interpersonal/ Business Transactions 

  • Human motivation

  • Thinking and Problem-solving 

  • Executive Safety and Personal Empowerment

  • Workplace Health

  • Financial Literacy

  • Strategic Planning and Investment


“Psychology cannot tell people how they ought to live their lives. It can however, provide them with the means for effecting personal and social change.” 


- Albert Bandura, Creator of Social Learning Theory (1925- )




Incorporated since 2001, we have been active in the corporate and educational markets for over a decade.  The Centre for Cognitive Technologies or CCT for short is a Local Statutory Member of the prestigious Singapore Business Federation - where each member company is required to be have a paid up share capital of S$0.5 million and above.


In addition in 2004, CCT was awarded the recognition of Emerging Enterprise of the Year (2004) and its founder, Teo Yew Chye was awarded the Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2004) under CommerceNet Singapore, E-Global Awards.  CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG) is a not-for-profit organisation, that is part of the global CommerceNet consortium of business partners that organises resources from the industry, plans and executes key strategies. CommerceNet (US) was launched in April 1994 in Silicon Valley.  






Our programmes range from performance enhancement workshops focused on improving learning, resilence, negotiation to action oriented executive safety programmes.  Benefits include:


  • Enhance Sales performance

  • Improve Thinking and Problem-solving skills

  • Improve Mental Resilience

  • Motivate and lead teams with confidence

  • Read your Adversary better during Negotiations

  • Stay Safe Travelling and Staying Abroad

  • Workplace Health and Morale

Expertise/ Trainers



How do we do it? First, we draw from our collective expert domains in psychology, communication, entrepreneurship and personal protection.  Next, we customise our training and performance enhancement workshops to the individual or organisation's needs.


Our management team, together with our pool of external consultants, help to give us the consulting and training edge to address problems that makes us a consultancy with a 'very unique set of skills'. 


As former researchers, scholars and elite governmental investment promotion officers, we understand the world of science and business.


As current enterpreneurs, self made millionaires, sportsmen, VIP bodyguards and self defense experts, we epitomize what it takes to succeed in business today - mental strength, worldly savvy, and individuals with fire in our belles!


Come learn from us and be the best that you can be! Carpe Diem!




Nonverbal Communication Series


Psychology of Negotiation


"It is a very interesting and eye opening course. As someone who works in the front office, this course has benefited me well. I am better prepared during the negotiation process to look out for the cues and signs. This increases my confidence and skills as a negotiator. I would gladly recommend this course." 

                                                                                                                                                                               - Jessica Lim, Trader. Phillip Securities


"Insightful....Yew Chye provides a realistic dose of psychology (of Negotiation) served in tasty anecdotes. Now I am refreshed, more aware of micro-tells and negotiation routines. I believe it will better my negotiation skills with people to secure a better deal or turn a disadvantaged position into an advantageous one."

                                                                                                                                                                                             - Stella Teoh, MOE teacher


Personal Empowerment Series



"Kapap is an effective Israeli self-defence system. Kapap Singapore is headed by one of Singapore's self-defence pioneers, Teo Yew Chye. Avi Nardia is one of the leading proponents of Kapap, serving in the Israeli Defense Forces as a Major. Kapap is known for its simplicity in real-life situations. Kapap Singapore also teaches classes in outdoor settings to complement their indoor sessions. You can learn Catch Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Kapap under the guidance of qualified, local instructors. Live drills and sparring are part of the course material."


                                                                 - Yahoo! Sports, Voted Kapap Academy Singapore as the top 5 places to learn real martial arts in Singapore (2014)


Executive Safety


"A complete no-nonsense, highly practical, street wise approach to personal protection."

                                                                                                                                                                 - Barry Lea, Chief Executive Officer, Lloyds TSB



"Many of my colleagues and myself in Lenovo travel extensively as part of our work. The Executive Safety Workshop impressed me with the ease that which anyone can pick up a number of simple but effective self defense skills within just a few hours. It was surprising to me that many of the techniques used didn't require physical strength and dexterity....really practical...learning Executive Safety gives us a peace of mind and confidence to handle ourselves better should we face dangerous situations. I would strongly recommend this workshop as it's easy to learn. It's practical and doesn't take up much time. Preparation is the best form of protection."

                                                                                                                                          - Howie Lu, General Manager/Executive Director,Lenovo, ASEAN



Ladies Empowerment


"Believe it or not, I allowed myself to be pinned down, tipped off balance, and to be 'put down' with just one tap of the finger on one of my pressure points.....It's the stuff of movies. But this is no playacting. It's the real thing. And let me tell you, as an objective journalist, Ladies Empowerment Series works.... Now tell me if this is not the answer for women who are generally smaller and weaker than men! This is self defense that makes sense."

                                                                                                                                                                -Pamela Ho, Senior Producer, Channel News Asia



"What I personally like about the Ladies Empowerment programme is that it's great for ladies because you don't have to be a beefed up muscular macho man with a black belt in something to protect yourself from an attacker (like a robber/rapist/etc), even if they are armed and you are not. Upper body strength is good but not essential. You just need to understand bio-mechanics and physics to control and break joints."

                                                                                                                -Magic Babe Ning, Singapore's only professional female magician and escape artist


"Every woman should be equipped with the skills of self defense. As Singaporeans, we often take our safety for granted, but once you have to go out of our comfort zone, reality kicks in and you will have to learn all that you can to protect yourself."

                                                                                                                                                                            -Yiwei, Public Service Comission Scholar



Tactical Pen Defense


"The techniques give me confidence to travel, live the life I choose, knowing that I can get out of any danger and protect myself. I strongly encourage all women to learn these techniques. Knowledge is powerful."

                                                                                                                                                                                     - Dawn Lim, EDB Head Logistics



"I just wish I attended this course earlier before going to London. Effective techniques that empower women in their self defense. I feel so much safer now that I have these techniques that I can use to protect myself and my friends."

                                                                                                                                                                     -Tan Xinyi, Public Service Comission Scholar


"The course is very empowering. It is important to be armed with the knowledge and techniques taught. The best offense is defense. When one is confident that one can take care of and defend oneself, it is possible to be more situationally aware and to avoid potential conflict. It is enlightening to know that strength is not important; technique and the right mindset is." 

                                                                                                                                                                                        - Dorothy Chan, retired lawyer  









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